(Shahadat of Bibi Sakina)

Thirty days have passed since Imam Husain A.S was martyred in Karbala along with His devotees. and the Ahl-e-Haram continues to face the calamities and the hardships.The looted caravan is still in Damascus and enduring every humiliation at Yazid’s court.But the truth is that when Yazid tries to humiliate the Ahl-e-Haram instead he gets humiliated himself.

The Holy Family of Imam Husain A.S stands face to face with Yazid but showing their patience on his evil actions because they remember the last will of Imam Husain (A.S). Every lady and every child is standing in front of Yazid tied in ropes with no veils and Imam Zain-ul-Abedeen A.S bound in heavy chains.

The present scene is disgustable when the evil Yazid is drinking wine and has the severed head of Imam Husain A.S on a golden plate next to him. Yazid is torturing the Holy head of Imam Husain A.S with a stick.

Suddenly his eyes reaches a 4-year old girl who are standing in a position with her one hand on her face and the other hand on her neck.Yazid asks his men about this child and gets the answer that this is Sakina, the beloved daughter of Imam Husain A.S.They tell him further that Bibi Sakina never falled to sleep until she laid her head on her father’s chest.”Is that true?” ,Yazid said, and wished to talk to her. When Bibi Sakina stepped forward ,he wanted to test the love of her holy father Imam Husain A.S in front of hundreds of courtiers.

Yazid said to Janabe Sakina :”If that is true what I have just heard then try to call upon your father and we’ll see if your father’s head will come to your lap.” Bibi Sakina raised her torn and burnt piece of cloth and prayed to God and then turned herself towards the head of her Holy father and begged with tears flowing from her eyes:”O my dear father please come to your daughter, this evil Yazid is putting our love to the test.”

At once the severed head of Imam Husain A.S miraculously rose from the plate and came to Bibi Sakina who started to kiss her father’s head and rubbed her cheeks to her father’s cheeks. After these trials , Yazid continued with his terror and then put the Ahlul-Bayt in a dark roofless underground cell and gave them so little food that was barely enough for everyone.In this prison Bibi Sakina had troubles to go to sleep every night due to the missing of her father Imam Husain A.S.

Bibi Zainab tried to console her and said that she should soon meet her father and with these words tried to make her go to sleep.But one night when Bibi Sakina was asleep she woke up crying and started to look for her father everywhere.All the Holy ladies tried to console her so she would stop crying but she didn’t get any peace and continued :”O my dear aunt , Where is my father? , a few minutes ago I was with my father and he kissed me and said that “my dear Sakina you will soon be with me.” But where is my father now?”

When Bibi Sakina told her dream all the Holy ladies started to cry and now this noise of crying was heard by Yazid at his court.Yazid sent the severed head of Imam Husain A.S to the prison and when Bibi Sakina received the head of her father she started to cry even more and hold it very tight and asked her father :”Who cut off my father’s head , who martyred my father, why are we held as captives?”

With these words of sorrow suddenly Bibi Sakina was quiet.Everyone thought that Bibi Sakina had finally gone to sleep again but this was not a temporary sleep , Bibi Sakina had now gone into a permanent sleep and joined her Holy Father in Heaven.When Bibi Sakina's death was confirmed all the Holy ladies cried standing around Bibi Sakina and I can't imagine how Imam Zain-ul-Abedeen A.S buried the young body of his sister inside the prison.

On the moment when the Ahl-ul-bayt was released from the prison and when all the Bibis had gone then one Lady , Janabe Umme-Rabab stopped for a while at her daughter’s grave and cried : “O my dear daughter we are released from this prison and on our way to Madina, tell me what I will answer your sister Janabe Sughra when she will call for you? O Lord ,One child of mine is left on the burning sand of Karbala and I am leaving the other child in this dark prison of Shaam!!!!”

Written by Sughra Khatoon daughter of Maulana Maqbool Ahmed.