The essence in the goal of our lives in this world has always been to have the capability to stand on our feet i.e. to be able to earn our living and to be independent. This is the importance of surviving in this world. We educate ourselves and in accordance to our education and interest we then step into the stage of earning our livelihood. When we then get married and become parents we encourage our kids to do the same thing. And that’s true , it is very important to educate our children because without an education they will be encumbered with difficulties and in the upbringing of a child the parents of course strive for to reach the succession to be able to see their child on its feet in the future.

Education plays a very important and weighty role for our survival. By the help of this education we travel all around the world and have the chance to settle down anywhere without any difficulties. But there is one thing that we often forget or I should say that we are narrow-minded in achieving the goals of our lives. The main factor of our aim in life is to survive in this world but how many of us contemplate our survival in the world of the Hereafter.

The worldly education is very important to everyone but we should not forget the religious tenets to follow us side by side. This combination will exalt you in this mortal world as well as in the eternal world.

Many of us left our (home)countries and moved west to widen our knowledge and to expand new scientific and industrial discoveries and the most essential of all , to find the means of leading a more and more luxurios life. We are foreigners on foreign soil with our roots in our home countries,but of course we were aware of that when we left east to settle down in west. We brought along the package of our religious tenets and our culture to this foreign land but somehow the new atmosphere began to affect us and we felt more occupied concerning our economic affairs which separated us more and more from our religion. Living in a non-islamic country atmosphere should make us very concerned of our firmness in our faith in Islam. If our faith starts to tremble and shake we will be lost forever and what will happen to our children who are among the indigenous population?

The children born in a non-Islamic country shouldn’t fear anything only if the child’s parents are secured in their religious direction. But a child who opens his/her eyes in the laps of parents who are astrayed from their true religion will indeed follow their steps. Therefore I believe it is most significant to have a religious home-environment for the child to raise in. Even if our children see a different evironment outside , they should always enter the door of the true guidance at home. This will never let any muslim child lose their religion or feel the weakness in their faith. It is very good to encourage our children to educate themselves as much as they can but the most important responsibility of the parents living in west is to let the child widen their knowledge in Islam so they can survive not only economically but also eternally.

The western world is convenient for the wide options in achieving high knowledge but the dangerous non –Islamic atmosphere worries many of us. If we are taught the religious teachings it will help us to live a righteous life , a life which will be lived in accordance with the Islamic laws(Sharia) will be accepted by Allah , the terms of Halaal and Haraam will always be in our mind which will prohibit us from commiting any sin by the fear of Allah andwe will always be aware of the Day of Resurrection when our list of deeds will be apparent to us.May we all success in the upbringing of our children , especially those living in foreign countries.We supplicate to Allah to always guide us to the right path and save us from to be led astray.May Allah be pleased with us wherever we may be in this world , and give us the chance to be the servants of Islam and to be the true followers of the Ahlul-Bayt(A.S).

[Written by Sughra Khatoon]