Shabe-Qadr and Quran

The association of Shabe-Qadr with the Holy Quran can be understood by 2 facts. The first one is that the night of power has its relation to the holy book as a “container”, and the second is that it is itself a part of the contents of the holy Quran. The meaning of it being a “container” explains that it was the selected night of Qadr in which the holy Quran was revealed in.

Allah Almighty have spoken of this revelation like this : “We have sent it down on the Night of Decree”.(97;1) In sura-e-Dukhaan this night is explained as the night of blessing: “We have sent it down in a blessed night.”(44;3) It is clearly stated in both verses that the Holy Book was revealed and sent down in a particular night i.e. the night of Power. And further there is announced in sura-e-Baqarah that:” The month of Ramadhan is that in which the Quran was sent down”. (2;185) This verse of the chapter of Baqarah informs of that the particular night which was titled in chapter of Dukhaan as “the night of blessing” and in chapter of Qadr as “the night of decree or power” is a night during the month of Ramazan.

The next important connection and relation of this night is that Shabe-Qadr is also a part of the contents of the holy Quran and the Lord Almighty in His precious Book have explained its value , significance and its worth like this : “and what teaches thee what the Night of Decree is?” , “The Night of Decree is better than a thousand months”.(97;2-3) and in the chapter of Dukhaan the Lord speaks : “We have sent it down in a blessed night” and “Therein are determined all matters of wisdom “.(44;4) This clarifies that all matters are determined and confirmed during this special night , the good or bad , obedience or disobedience , birth or death etc. are the matters that are decided according to His Power and Will. He is the only one who holds the strength to vary or to change any matter or affair. We shouldn’t forget that even if every matter are already decided or determined during this night , He possesses the power to change anything whenever He likes and this is nothing that is impossible for the Lord , that is why He has commanded us to always beseech Him and keep up with our prayers and supplications.

The importance of the night of power has been further mentioned in the chapter of Qadr as:”The angels and the Spirit come down in it, by the leave of their Lord, (bringing) for every affair Peace; it is till the rising of dawn.”(97;4-5) The Lord gives His order to all the angels and all the Spirits to descend from heaven and on the night of Qadr at the moment of their descendance they bring with them the commands of Allah to show the important written tablets of Allah to the Living Imam A.S .When they have done that they split on earth and this night is the most peaceful night till dawn.

About the revelation of the holy Book , Quran , our Lord explains that it was sent down on Shabe-Qadr but the history and writings of Islam declares to us that after Besat it took 23 years for the Holy Quran to be completely revealed. This objection has been straightened out by the history writers and they explain that both reports are correct. The holy Quran was sent down on the night of Qadr as well as during the 23 years. This is defined by that the Lord passed over the Holy Book to the first Divine Light (Our Prophet S.A.W and Hazrat Ali A.S) on a minute during the night of power but when this Holy Quran was sent down to the muslim ummah it took 23 years to reveal it because the holy book was revealed verse by verse according to appropiate moments and all this occurred after Besat till the day of demise of the Holy Prophet S.A.W. Noor-e-Awwal(Our Prophet S.A.W and Hazrat Ali A.S) had already received the whole Quran on the night of Qadr that was why it was possible for Hazrat Ali A.S , when He was in the arms of the holy Prophet S.A.W, to recite verses from the Holy Quran on His birth inside Khana-e-Kaaba which took place 10 years before Besat.

The holy Quran has declared the fact that it was revealed during the night of power which is a night of the month of Ramazan. This is clearly mentioned in the chapter of Baqarah , chapter of Dukhaan and again in the chapter of Qadr. We agree to this point that we now know when the holy Quran was sent down but still there is confusion about exactly which night and date was this night . A group of muslims believe that this particular night is the 27th night of Ramazan. Their explanation of this beleiving is that because the word “Lailat-ul-Qadr” has occurred 3 times in sura-e-Qadr , is why they have multiplied it by 9 and received the answer of 27. The word “Lailat-ul-Qadr” is a word of 9 letters in Arabic and this is their opinion.

All the muslim scholars agree on that the night of Qadr can be a night of the 19th , 21rst and 23rd of Ramazan. Most of the scholars have written in their books that this special night might be the 21rst or the 23rd and if we go deeper then we will found that most of the Uluma agree on that it is the 23rd night of Ramazan. This is something Abdulla Jehni Ansaari has also narrated. He was a man who lived on the outskirts of Madina. Once he came to the holy Prophet S.A.W and said that:” I have many belongings and it is impossible for me to bring my all property to Madina to stay here during the whole month of Ramazan. Please be kind to select a night of this holy month in which I can come to spend the whole of it only in worshipping Allah. “ The Noble Messenger S.A.W leaned towards him and whispered something in his ear. When he was informed about this special night he was pleased and went home. It is narrated that people observed that this man never missed the 23rd night of Ramazan as he always came to Madina on this date to be occupied in prayers whole night.

But it is true and clear that the book of Allah did not specify the date of Shabe-Qadr and its date is still concealed just like we find the message of the Day of Judgement or about death in the holy Quran.We can read about all these events and that they will come but when , nobody except Allah knows. We have know learned through the holy Quran that there is a night of the Islamic year that is superior to a 1000 months but our Lord will not reveal exact which night He is telling us about. Maybe if people knew the secret of Allah then perhaps they should only pray and worship Allah during this night and be ignorant the rest of the year. And if someone would be guilty of sins and vices during this night the curse of Allah would befall on this person immediately. Our holy Prophet S.A.W is compassionate , Allah S.W.T is merciful and we are Ummat-e-Marhooma (the followers who are found salvation) that is why Shabe-Qadr is a mystery so that the beleivers should always be obedient to Allah and in position of praying and worshipping throughout the year and continue to refrain from evil deeds.

The next question is that why is this night called , Shabe-Qadr (the night of power and respect)?. It can be for many reasons. 1. Maybe because Allah Almighty sent His respectful Book to the reverent people and revealed it upon the venerating Prophet S.A.W through the respectful angel. Then this night became the night of Qadr. 2. Qadr literally means: high-ranked and respectful. And according to Allah this night is of great value maybe that’s why it is named as Shabe-Qadr. The one who spend this whole night in prayers Allah will elevate his/her status. 3. Qadr also means , crowded and because on this night all the angels and spirits descend from heaven on earth , it gets crowded and from this it gets the name of Shabe-Qadr. 4. Another reason of this name can be that the prayers during this night are superior to prayers performed during a 1000 months. 5. Qadr also means destiny and all that is prescribed for the coming year like life or death , wealth or poverty , health or sickness , grace or disgrace etc. is determined on this night .

The angel Jibraeel together with all the other angels descend from heaven in a very beautiful way. Hazrat Jibaeel leads the procession with opened wings which normally are folded but on the night of Qadr these wings are unfolded. In his hands he carry 4 banners. The first one is placed on the roof of Khana-e-Kaaba , the second on the grave of the Holy Prophet S.A.W , the third on the roof of Bait-ul-Muqaddas and the 4th on the shrine of Hazrat Ali A.S. Hazrat Jibraeel continues his course towards the Living Imam A.S . When He arrives in the Imam’s presence he shows the future of the next year. In fact every time an angel or spirit descend from heaven they always visit Imam-e-Asr A.S .

Our next question in the matter of Shab-e-Qadr is that why our Lord has made this night superior to a 1000 months. Allah have spoken that:” The Night of Decree is better than a thousand months”. In a narration we have found that once Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa S.A.W told His companions a story which went on something like this: “ Among the Bani-Israeel there was a pious man , named Shamsoon. For a thousand months he never laid his weapon aside and kept fighting in the way of God.” On hearing this the disciples were amazed and said that :”Our lives are short and therefore our deeds are few then how can we achieve such an opportunity.”

The Prophet S.A.W continued:” This man was magnanimous , strong and brave and all the infidels were tired to lose against him. They decided to pay a visit to his house and bribed his wife to persuade her to decieve her husband. What she was going to do was to tie him up with ropes when he was asleep so that his enemies then could easily kill him. His wife accepted this plan and when her husband came home tired and went to sleep his wife tied him up. But when he woke up he teared the ropes up to pieces and asked his wife why she had tied him. She answered:” Just to test your strength. Please tell me what is impossible for you , tell me your weakness of your strength.” He said:” If someone tie me up with my hair , this would be very difficult for me.” Hearing this answer his wife knew know what she would do. When her husband went to sleep again she tied him up with his hair and this time when he woke up he wasn’t able to release himself. His wife hurried to bring his enemies .

When they arrived they captured him and tortured him by taking his eyes out and cutting his ears and nose. At this time this pious man raised his hands in supplication and asked the Lord to help him. A miracle was shown as his eyes , ears and nose was given back and he was released from the prison. Thereafter this man arrived at the castle of the king and quaked the whole castle which caused the death of the king. But he wasn’t satisfied until he had defeated the army of this king and killed them all and then he continued to fight in the way of God for a 1000 months.” It was this important message that Allah Almighty conveyed to His final Prophet S.A.W and said that:” O my Prophet S.A.W don’t be sad at this point , we have selected a night for you and your followers that if they spend this whole night in praying they will receive rewards more than the rewards Shamsoon got when he fought in the way of Allah for a 1000 months.

In another narration it is written that our holy Prophet S.A.W had a vision one night in which He saw that the people of Bani Umayya had ascended the pulpit of Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa S.A.W and they were misguiding the people. When the Noble Messenger S.A.W woke up He was very anxious and concerned. At this moment Hazrat Hazrat Jibraeel descended and asked the holy Prophet S.A.W the reason of this trouble. He was then informed of the dream and when Hazrat Jibraeel had listened to it He ascended to heaven and brought back and revealed these verses so that the Holy Prophet S.A.W could feel better. The verses of the Holy Quran were: “But hast thou considered, if We let them enjoy for years, then there comes upon them what they are promised, what will it avail them, the enjoyment that was given to them.”(26;205-207) Along with these verses the chapter of Qadr was also revealed in which the Lord speaks to His Prophet S.A.W about the blessed night that is superior to the reign of a 1000 months which was the rule of Bani-Umayya.

Through the Ahadith of our holy Prophet S.A.W and holy sayings of our Masoomen A.S we have been informed about some particular signs of Shabe-Qadr. 1. The weather temperature will be neutral , neither too cold nor to hot. 2. The sun will rise without ray of sunshine. 3. The sky will be without brightness and nor will it be heard any noise of thundering. 4. No hurricanes or storms will come this night. 5. The spell of the magicians will have no influence this night. 6. The saltwater will taste sweet.

What we have learned from the Holy Quran is that Shabe-Qadr is the supreme night in which if we pray all night long its reward will be equal to the reward of praying for a 1000 months. But we should remember that this comparison of the worship for a 1000 months is meant by if someone during the days of these months would spend in fasting and its nights in praying. The worship during Shabe-Qadr is superior to such a 1000 months of worship. Now we should all refrain from spending this blessed night in nonsense and instead get occupied with praying , reciting supplications , asking for forgiveness and offer the particular amaal related to this night which we have been commanded to perform by our Masoomen A.S. At last we shouldn’t forget that the holy Quran was sent down this night and the Lord selected this special night for its revelation so that His beleivers could be guided to the right path and reach the sprituality through this holy Book. The mankind is blessed with its bounties and that is why this night is called “Laila-tul-Mubarekah”. What are we waiting for , let’s take advantage of this opportunity and make our future bright!

Written by Hujjat-ul-Islam Maulana Maqbool Ahmed Saheb
Translated by Sughra Khatoon daughter of Maulana Maqbool Ahmed