Ya Ali Mushkilkosha

The Glorious month Of Ramazan!

* During Mahe Ramazan Shaytan is imprisoned.

* The gates of Paradise are open and the gates of Hell closed.

The Holy Prophet (s.a.w) has said: "The month of Ramazan has approached, the glorious and the month in which Allah has prescribed fasting for you. During its days the gates of Heaven opens up and the gates of Fire are closen.

O'people! When the crescent moon of mahe Ramazan is sighted the arrogant devils are in fetters and the gates of heavens , paradise and mercy are open. The gates of Hell are closed. Prayers are answered. During this month and when Eid-ul-Fitr is near, God emancipates sinners from the burning Fire. Every night a voice calls out :" Isn't there any implorer? Any repentant? O'Allah , recompense all them who donates and let the greedy and selfish sustain heavy losses. When the crescent moon of Shawwal is obvious, a voice calls out to the beleivers: " This is the day of reward. Get up early to receive your award.

* During Mahe Ramazan forgiveness of Allah prevails

" Those who fasts during this month, controls his urgency and his tongue and don't harm the people God will forgive his past sins, free him from the fire and give him a room in paradise. "Mahe Ramazan is the month in which Allah has prescribed fasting for you. They who will fast with complete faith and with the intention of seeking His nearness , he will have all his sins and vices forgiven and will be pure from sins as a newborn child."

* This glorious month

The Holy Prophet (s.a.w) has said:

"Allah has said that the good deeds of the children of Adam will be increased from 10 to 700 except their patience. To give the reward for your patience is up to me. Now the real reward for your patience is only known by Allah. And patience means - Saum "

"By the name of Allah in whose hands is my soul. The breath of a person who fasts is the most adorable fragrance."

* Ar-Rayyaan , the name of a gate in Paradise

"There is a gate in Jannat which is called Ar-Rayyaan. Through this gate only those will enter who used to fast during the month of Ramazan. This gate will be closed when the last person has entered .

"There are 8 gates in Paradise , one of them is named Ar-Rayyaan and through this gate only those people who used to fast will enter."

* The Prayers are answered

" The prayers of 4 kinds of people are always answered by Allah. The gates of heaven are open when they pray and their supplication reaches the top of heavens. 1. The prayer of a father for his son , 2. the curse of an opressed for the opressors , 3. The prayer of the one who's performing umrah until he's back home and 4. The prayer of a fasting person till the moment when he breaks his fast.

Abul-Hasan (a.s) has said: " On the moment of Iftaar a prayer is always answered."

* It is forbidden to say just " Ramazan "!

The Holy Prophet (s.a.w) has said:

" I forbid you to say just "Ramazan"! Because it is one of the names of Allah. Always say "Mahe Ramazan".

Few disciples were gathered around the 5th Imam A.S and were discussing on the topic of this glorious month. Suddenly the holy Imam A.S interrupted and said: "Quit saying , ramazan has come , ramazan has gone. Ramazan is one of the names of Allah. He neither comes nor goes. Something that comes and goes also decreases. Always say ; Mahe Ramazan . The word "Mah" is connected to the name and then Ism-ullah is the name of God. This is the month in which the Quran was revealed , Allah has made it the ideal month of glory and perfection.

* It is only obligatory to fast during the month of Ramazan.

An arab came to the Holy Prophet S.A.W to ask few questions. He said:

How many times are we obliged to pray?

The Holy Prophet S.A.W answered:

5 times a day is obligatory and then it is unlimited for you to pray by your own will.

How many times it is obligatory for me to fast?

The Holy Prophet S.A.W answered:

During the whole month of Ramazan it is obligatory and then it is unlimited for you to fast by your own will.

What is obligatory upon me considering the payment of Zakat?

The Holy Prophet S.A.W explained the details even of this matter.

At last he said:

By His name who granted you the greatness , what if I decide not to increase any of these deeds by my own will but do not decrease from the number of the obligatory deeds?

The Holy Prophet S.A.W said:

You will succeed. If you have performed your all obligations with complete faith , you will enter Paradise.

By Allah! Only with complete faith and beleif.

Courtesy: Al-Tawheed (vol.2)