Ya Ali Mushkilkosha

The Famous Sermon Of Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa S.A.W

" O people! This is the month of God coming to you with mercy,blessing and forgiveness;in the sight of Allah ,it is the most superior month;its days,nights and hours are the best. In this month you are the guests of God, enjoying His hospitality. You have been rendered among those who have won His grace. Your every breath shall be deemed utterances of glory to His name, your sleep a form of worship. Your deeds shall be accepted,your prayers answered. So with sincerity and pure hearts, pray to your Creator to grant you success in fasting this month and reciting His Book. The wretched is he who is denied the Almighty's forgiveness during this august month.

"O men and women! During this month, the gates of heaven are open so beseech your Lord not to close them off to you. The gates of the Fire (Hell) are closed; so entreat Him not to open them for you. The devils are in fetters; so implore Him not set them free lest they should lead you astray".

"O people! he who provides a meal to a devout Muslim, at the end of his long day fast,during this month, his reward from God shall be as great as that for emancipating a slave, and he can be rest assured of the forgiveness of his past sins."

Someone interjected. "O Prophet of God! Not all of us can afford to provide food for fasting people".

The Holy Prophet S.A.W retorted. "Fear God, even with half a date. Feed them for the sake of God, albeit with a sip of water, because the Almighty grants those a full reward who have done a small deed, if he could not afford to do more.

"O people! he who strives during this month to deal gently and politely with people shall be guaranteed passage to paradise, on the Day when many a foot slips (leading to hell). Those who minimize their burden of those in their employ , The Lord shall make their reckoning easy. He who checks his transgession , Allah shall withhold His wrath from him on the Day of Reckoning. He who recites just one verse of the Holy Quran, during this month, Allah shall grant him the reward of having recited the whole Book in other months".