The Holy month of Ramazan !!!

Muslims all over the world are now blessed once again with the beginning of the awaited month of the Islamic year , Ramzan-ul-Mubarak. This holy month which gives us all the chance to come closer to our Lord by performing the different acts of worship in hope to reach the spirituality we all desires. All are aware of the blessings and the bounties of this month and beside the fact of the revelation of the holy Quran , there is a night in this month which is greater than 1000 months. Allah Almighty have chosen Friday to be superior to other days , Ramzan superior to all months and Shabe-Qadr superior to all nights.

The daily recitation of the Holy Quran , prayers , fasting , aamal and supplications during this blessed month are all actions that should be continued the whole year but most of us forget it when these days have passed by. During this blessed month the gates of Heaven are opened and the doors of Hell are closed. We should pray that may the doors of Hell always be closed and the doors of Heaven always be opened .

There is a narration of the Holy Prophet S.A.W in which He has mentioned that:” The holy Ramzan is a month of great virtues and blessings , if the human beings of Allah would be aware of its true benefits and profits they would wish that the whole year could turn to be Ramzan-ul-Mubarak.“ This month of glory gives us all the chance to be more careful , patient , pious , thankful and aware of our responsibilities towards Allah . We should all make use of every day , hour , minute and second of this holy month and Inshallah if we do so we’ll see the fruit of our endeavours . Ameen

This blissful month helps us to change our characters through a spiritual revolution. Our souls should be as purified as the soul of a newborn baby when Ramzan-ul-Mubarak pass us by. We should adopt all the good acts and restrain from the bad. This pure way of life during this holy month should last forever and fasting which does not only mean to avoid the food to some hours but it also give us the chance to exalt our faith and come closer to our Lord. Fasting makes us more humble , we lose our arrogance and we turn to be careful human beings such as who become more aware of the hunger and thirst of all the poor and needy people.

We learn to be more patient and forbearing which was why our Holy Prophet S.A.W titled this month as :”Shahr-ul-Sabr”-The month of Patience. We should be careful of every act and perform only deeds who are rewarded and abandon and give up all bad deeds that leads to punishment.

At last I pray for all momeneen and momenaat that may the month of Ramazan bring us all happiness and give us all the chance to perform our acts of worship rightly and may our Ebaadat (worship) in this month be accepted by Allah , may the hajaat (prayers) of all momeneen and momenaat be answered and most important of all may Allah accept our repentance in this month. Ameen

Please remember us in your prayers. Thankyou

Written by Sughra Khatoon daughter of Maulana Maqbool Ahmed