Mahe Mubarak – Our golden opportunity

Summer is the best season of the year when the nature around us have reached its top. The flowers blossom and the trees are green and the land which before was so dead that it was impossible to plant anything is now alive once again and cultivable for us all , in fact we are surrounded with fresh air and witness the earth given a new life . What we are aware of is that there is a season each year which is in benefit for the nature. The Islamic year does also contain a season for the benefit of our souls and our faith and this very remarkable refreshing and reviving moment is the month of Ramazan. This is the time of year when all are given the golden opportunity to blossom , but how? We are commanded to fulfil our obligative duties throughout the year but when this month commence we are commanded to show the zenith of our worship. Fasting helps us to only seek nearness to Allah and nothing else.

The muslim ummah around the whole world are occupied with prayers and supplications. All these deeds give our souls a refreshing push and helps us to stand up once again when we began to weaken or being unaware of the grace of Allah.

In this blessed month it is known that during the night of power(Lailat-ul-Qadr) the destiny of every human being is determined for the year to come. Our Lord gives us once again the golden opportunity to participate in this delicate matter. That is why we are urged to spend the whole night of Qadr in prayers or at least stay awake as long as we have the power to do so. During this holy night what we will ask in our supplications , what hajaats we carry deep in our hearts , the desires and wishes we hope and pray for are very well heard by our Lord Almighty. Praying this whole night will indeed be a benefit for our own. The doors of the Divine Grace are opened to hear every momin’s prayer.

Another major interesting fact is that Allah has said that the Satan , Iblees , is chained and imprisoned during this sacred month. There is a less risk to fall into his traps because of that he himself is chained up. It is impossible for him to lure the muslim ummah during this month and we on the contrary have a clear way to reach our goals of human perfection. The strength we achieve in holding ourselves against evil deeds and thoughts should remain forever. The one who learns to defy Satan and his evil plans are the strongest and bravest person in the world. The month of Ramazan is the month of prosperity for all of us but a downfall to Iblees. If we really reach the true spirituality then we have truly locked him out from our lives eternally.

We continue to pray for all momeneen and momenaat and these days are surely the best days of the Islamic year for our duas to be answered. May everyone remember their brothers and sisters in Islam in their prayers and may we stay strong and united till the day of the Zuhoor of Imam-e-Zamaana A.S . Ameen

Please remember us in your prayers. Thankyou

Written by Sughra Khatoon daughter of Maulana Maqbool Ahmed