Hijab (veil) and Ahlul Bayt A.S

Fatema Zehra S.A. is daughter of the Holy Prophet Muhammed S.A.W. The Holy Prophet said that Fatema is a part of  himself and Allah is pleased with them whom Fatema i pleased with. Bibi Fatema´s mother was the generous Lady Khadija whose welth was spent by the Holy Prophet to Islam. Prophet Muhammed loved his daughter very much and respected her. Prophet used to stand up in respect for his daughter, that does not mean that all father shall stand for their daughters. No! Prophet said Fatema is a part of me, the messenger of Allah is standing up in respect of the other Islamic part of himself. The Holy Prophet is telling us that without Fatema Zehra S.A. Islam is not comeplete.

The Prophet married his daughter to his cousin Ali A.S. Ali whom Prophet used to say: ”I am the city of knowledge and Ali is it´s gate.” Hazrat Ali A.S and Fatema Zehra had three sons Imam Hasan A.S , Imam Husain A.S and Janabe Mohsin who became martyr during pregnancy. And two daughters Bibi Zainab and Bibi Umme-Kulsoom.

Bibi Fatema is superior of all women, and it´s every muslim womens responsbility to follow and obey all the rules in Islam. Only wear a scarf is not complete Islam we have to understand what hijab means. We must learn and see how Bibi Fatema Zehra spent her life. Fatema Zehra S.A. said: ”The most important for a women is that she avoid a stranger (na mehram)  and that stranger dont see her.”

That´s what Bibi Fatema is teaching us the day when the Holy Prophet came to her house with a companion (sahaabi) Abdullah ibne Maktum who was blind. Bibi Fatema did not open the door so the Prophet asked her: ”O my daughter you know that he is blind. ”Fatema Zehra S.A. answered: ”Yes I know father that he is blind but I am able to see him.” We must follow every step as Fatema Zehra has told us. There is a point to note; it doesn?t mean that the Holy Prophet did not know why Bibi Fatema didn´t open the door. It was a lesson for us so we can see the importance of hijab.

Bibi Fatema Zehra´s message is for women which she practical have showed us. How to be a daughter, how to spend life as a wife, how to be a good mother. And the part of be a loving sister, her daughter Bibi Zainab completed that in Karbala. Imam Husain sacrifised everything for saving Islam. He became martyr but the mission got further and is completed by Bibi Fatemas daughters and granddaughters. In the palace of Jazid, Jazid is asking Sakina: ”Why do you have one hand on your neck and the other hand on your face?” And the daughter of Imam Husain is answering bravely: ”I have one hand on my neck becouse of the tight rope. And the other hand on my face becouse there are na mehram all around us, my hair is not so long as my mothers and sisters to cover my face.”

We muslim women have to learn what bibi Sakina is teaching the whole world. These words of Bibi Sakina in the palace of Jazid was the victory to Islam and once again she is reminding everyone: I am the grandaughter to Fatema Zehra S.A. who was the daughter of the Holy Prophet Muhammed S.A.W.

My request to all my muslim sisters is to educate yourselves with the rich education Fatema Zehra S.A. has given us. Follow the tracks of Bibi Zainab, Bibi Umme Kulsoom and Bibi Sakina who sacrifised everything to save the Islam we have today.

[Written by Azra Khatoon]