Ya Ali Mushkilkosha

Fasting-The construction of man

The teachings of Islam are distinguishing of that the religious and worldly actions cannot be separated and the both kind of acts have an influence on your life in this world and in the Hereafter. The worships in Islam play an important role for the construction of man. Fasting is one of the important worships bestowed with the significant effect on man mentioned above , fasting revives the mind and soul of the person who fasts and the narration of Imam Sadiq a.s highly notifies it ;

“ The best fighting in the way of Allah (Jihad) is to fast when its summer.” (Safeenat-ul-Bihar vol.2 , p.64)

Fasting strengthen our faith and spirituality , gives confirmation to our choice to avoid to commit any sin , gives us the power to stand hardships and difficulties in life , releases and saves us from ruin and destruction and lightens our troubles. In a holy narration of the Holy Prophet s.a.w there is found that a person who fast is exalted so much that it is occurred that on the Day of Judgement he/she will be granted the right to intercede before Allah on the behalf of sinners ;

“The one who fasts during the month of Ramadhan , saves his/her tongue and sexual desires from sins , do not harm the people in any way , then Allah will forgive all his/her past and future sins , He will free him/her from hell and give him/her a place in His eternal Heaven and if he/she wants to intercede on the behalf of Muslim sinners it will be accepted. (Wasayel-shia vol.7 p.174)

A weighty benefit of fasting which play a great role in putting our world and the Hereafter in order is that by fasting our souls get refreshed , the mind strengthens and our desires find a balance. Fasting makes a man ready to avoid eating and drinking despite his hunger and thirst , actually fasting liberates us from the hole of brutality and we ascend to a place where we see us standing even before the line of the holy angels. Hazrat Ali a.s has said that the Holy Prophet s.a.w was once asked the way to be rescued from shaytan? The Holy Prophet s.a.w answered ;

“He is disgraced by fasting , to give charity in the way of Allah breaks his back , to love in the way of Allah and continuously good actions cuts off his tail and repentance cuts the vein of his throat.” (Bihar-ul-Anwar vol.96 p.255)

When the shaytan was sent out by Allah , he swore to lead astray the people of Adam and to make them worship everything but Allah. But this intention of shaytan fails when we fast and then we are protected by this shame , misleading and shaytanic effect on us.

Fasting content many benefits from the social point of view too. To fast teaches us equality best. By this worship the rich and wealthy people are too in some grade experienced the pain of hunger and this may lead to more help to the needy from their side. Hisham bin Hakam asked Imam Jafar-e-Sadiq a.s about the philosophy of fasting. The Holy Imam a.s said ;

“ Allah has declared fasting obligatory so that the balance between the rich and the poor can be set , so that the wealthy person can also taste the hunger which may urge him to fulfil the rights of the poor and needy , also because the affluent gets whatever he wants or desires therefore Allah wants equality to prevail between people and that’s why He wants the riches to be aware of the thirst , hunger , the pain and difficulty so that they may be merciful to the weak and needy people.” (Wasayel-Shia vol.7 p. 3) But the truth is that even though people living in wealthy countries perform their fasting for some days a year and become aware of the hunger , they still neglect the poor and needy? Why do we throw so much corn in the river while there are people who have nothing to eat , not a bite. When it comes to the matter of health there have been many positive comments on this point by leading doctors. They’ve said that fasting is a must to preserve the good health because many diseases have a connection to overload your stomach with food. The abundance of nourishment without digestion turns into fat which is left in various parts of your blood and body and become a perfect place for different kinds of germs to spread. The best way to get rid of these germs is to finish off their most desirable place to attack. Fasting is a source which helps us to do that , it clears away all bad substance and burns the abundance of all fat and leaves the body clean , pure and immaculate. A wise Russian writes in his book that ;

Fasting is the best cure for many diseases , for example those illnesses where the fasting has a function of curing are presented below : Intestine-diseases , loss of blood , tuberculosis , joint-illnesses , aches and pain in the legs , eye-diseases , diabetes , skin-diseases , kidney and heart defects , epidemics , cancer , diseases which makes the patient feel thirsty all the time , rheumatic related diseases etc. “ The Holy Prophet of Islam s.a.w has presented in a famous hadith that ;

“ Perform your fasting and be healthy” (Bihar-ul-Anwar vol.96 p.255) In another narration it is mentioned : “ The stomach is the starting-point of all illnesses and to avoid eating and drinking is the best cure.”

Written by: The editor of the magazine Tawheed
Translated by : Sughra Khatoon