Childrens upbringing

I have chosen this subject because I think that it is also important to have this on our minds all the time. Of course every parent goes threw this but how do we do so that our children gets the best upbringing? Besides the usual learnings we always teach our children the aspects of Islam already at an early stage of childhood.If parents don’t begin when the child is so young the Islamic education will take longer time and the child will also learn slowly. It is our job our duty to step by step from the birth birth of a child to start teaching Islam but by the level of  childrens thinking . I mean that you start with the easy learnings and increase the education by hand.

The biggest role in bringing up a child  is the role of the childs mother. Surely she carries  her child for 9 months and in Islam the upbringing starts already before the childs birth. A pregnant mother will do the best for her child if she often tries to recite the Holy Quran and Dua’s and also avoid to miss the daily prayers and etc. for every doing will surely affect  the child but how many of us pays attention to that.To give birth to a child everybody knows it is a womans biggest ”jihaad” but I personally  want to add that even to raise a child properly is nearly a ”jihaad” too. I myself have two children and I pray everyday to God that he will give me and all the muslim mothers in the whole world the strength and the success in the upbringing.

If we for a moment look back at the history of Karbala and take a look  at the mothers brave hearts and theirs upbringing of their childs with no fear of death only by the love of Islam and the wish  to give their lifes for Imam Husain. We have so much to learn from all the brave mothers in Karbala when they sent their children to be martyrs . One by one lays down their lives and nothing can stop them not the hunger not the thirst nor the heat of Karbala. Indeed this you call a true upbringing that every mothers biggest wish is that her son will sacrifice his life for Islams victory.

Imam Hussain’s sister, Bibi Zainab also called her two young sons, Aun and Muhammed aged 10 and 9 years who were with the Holy Imam and asked them: ”What! death has come to so many of the Holy Imam’s devotees and you are still alive?” The children replied: ”Mother dear! We are only waiting for the Holy Imam’s permission, please get it for us now dear mother and then see what these two slaves of Imam would do. Bibi Zainab immediately sent for her brother the Holy Imam and implored that her two sons be permitted to go into the field. Imam Hussain could  not say no to his sister. When they got martyred Imam Hussain and Hazrat Abbas(A.S) brought the two bodies of the young martyrs and laid them down in the tent of Bibi Zainab.Bibi Zainab came to the bodies of her sons and said: ”My dear children! Now I am pleased with you for you have proved your worth and laid down your lives for Truth and pleased God and His Holy Prophet.”

I pray to God that he will help us all to fill the childrens hearts with the same devotion to God and Islam. Aameen!

Written by :
Sughra Khatoon daughter of Maulana Maqbool Ahmed Saheb.