Hazrat Imam Ali Raza A.S

Imam Ali Raza A.S was born in the holy city of Madina on 11th Zilqaad ,148 A.H .At the time of His birth, Imam Moosa-e-Kazim A.S was 20 years old .Imam Ali Raza A.S was brought up under the holy guidance of his holy father for 35 years but in 183 A.H His Holy father was martyred inside a prison in Iraq.Thereby Imam Ali Raza A.S received the title of Imamat and held it for 20 years till His death in 203 A.H.

Imam Ali Raza A.S continued the mission of the Holy Prophet in Madina and carried on preaching and guiding the people to the right path. After Haroon Rashid’s death ,his son Mamoon Rashid came to power in Iran and he was now well aware of the popularity of Imam Raza A.S in Madina and how much love and respect the people gave their beloved Imam.Mamoon knew that he himself would not survive for long if he didn’t express his loyalty to the Imam.

His plan was to invite Imam Raza A.S to Iran and offer him the heirship to the throne. Imam Ali Raza A.S reluctantly left Madina in 200 A.H without his holy wife and his only son Imam Muhammad Taqi A.S. On his arrival the king ,Mamoon Rashid gave him a royal reception and the Imam was kept as his guest for a few days. Thereafter Mamoon offered him the heirship and begged the Imam to accept this offer.

Imam refused several times saying that He was not interested in possessing wordly power and just wanted to be left to carry on the holy mission.But Mamoon insisted even more and now threatened the Imam that another refusal would lead to His own death. At this the Imam anwered:”Since I am being forced to accept this offer , I accept it , but I shall not handle the administration but I will give counsel if I am consulted”.

On the first of Ramazan in 201 A.H a meeting was held for naming the heir apparent.In this meeting Mamoon required his son to be the first to take the oath of allegiance ,then others were told to do the same. Even after the declaration of succession when there was opportunity for the Imam to live a royal life ,the Imam did not pay any attention to material comforts and only devoted himself completely to spread the true Islamic conception and of course spent the most of his time in worshipping God and guiding the people.

This popularity among the people made Mamoon very scared and his plan from the beginning was that through the Imam he would have the fulfilment of his mean plans but the Holy Imam Ali Raza never agreed to any such ideas which were against Islam.Therefore Mamoon became very disappointed and now decided to put an end to the Imam’s life and acted according to the old traditions of having the Imam martyred.

Imam Ali Raza A.S was offered poisoned grapes which caused his death on the 29th Safar in 203 A.H. He was buried in Mashad and the funeral prayers were conducted by His son Imam Muhammad Taqi A.S who miraculously came to Iran from Madina for the funeral prayers of his holy father Imam Raza A.S .Peace be upon our Imam.

At last may our holy Imam-e-Zamana (A.S) accept the offering of our condolences on this day of grief.Ameen

Written by Sughra Khatoon daughter of Maulana Maqbool Ahmed.